Who is Goddess Beauty Skincare?

Who is Goddess Beauty Skincare?

Thank you for your interest in Goddess Beauty Skincare! I'm Melaina Deshon, the founder, CEO and formulator. In 2017 when God gave me the vision to start Goddess Beauty Skincare, it was during a time when the health of my skin was suffering. My skin had become dull, dry and lifeless and I was not feeling (nor looking) like myself. After hopelessly trying almost every product on shelves that promised improved skin, I decided to take matters into my own hands. 


I began doing research and immediately became infatuated with the many natural options to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. I was also repulsed at all the toxic, synthetic ingredients that the majority of large personal care companies use. The unnecessary chemicals they use have over time been linked to infertility, cancer, atopic dermatitis and a host of other illnesses! I decided that I would only make my products with natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, superfoods and organically derived ingredients to help alleviate the dependency on chemical-filled products that our communities are exposed to.


The use of my natural skincare products has definitely given me a whole new respect for nature. My skin has never looked better and I hope that Goddess Beauty Skincare can help you too!


Our Mission is to improve quality of life and increase self-confidence through out beauty products.


I decided on the name Goddess Beauty Skincare because once I began making and using my own products, my skin became so radiant that it literally glowed and made me feel like a Goddess. I believe that beautiful, healthy skin will make ANY woman feel like the true Goddess she is!

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