Hibiscus Green Tea Set

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What is it?

Result-driven skincare set designed to kickstart or update your skincare routine for your healthiest skin ever.


What's in it?

  • Hibiscus Green Tea Cleanser (Full Size - 120mL) A gentle foaming gel cleanser rich in Green Tea and other antioxidants, gently cleanses skin while offering an impressive array of vitamins and extracts to start your routine off right and delivers results to all skin types. 
  • Hibiscus Green Tea Toner (Full Size - 120mL) Hydrating toner loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and other nourishing ingredients that provide a balanced and revitalized appearance. Helps to keep skin glowing and youthful.  
  • Hibiscus Green Tea Moisturizer (Full Size - 60mL)  An antioxidant- and vitamin-rich moisturizing cream that penetrates where it is needed, to hydrate and help improve the appearance and balance of the skin. This creamy but lightweight moisturizer leaves skin glowing all day long without any greasiness.
  • Hibiscus Green Tea Face Masque (Full Size - 60mL)  An antioxidant- and vitamin-packed clay mask that will purify, refresh and refine skin. Rose and Kaolin clay reduce oiliness while matcha and green tea extract provide much needed nutrients to your skin.

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